Justice Court

Our Court is now open for in person appearances with a scheduled court date.  Please contact the court if you need to schedule an appearance.  If you have any questions regarding your case or when it will be scheduled, please contact the court 518-475-0493 or email sloucks@nycourts.gov.

​Town Justice Courts play a vital role in the New York State Unified Court System.  Justice Courts have a very broad but limited jurisdiction in matters affecting the local community.  It is for this reason that Justice Courts are often called
"the Courts closest to the people."

Vehicle and Traffic infractions may be mailed to P.O. Box 318, Clarksville, NY 12041. Please make sure you complete the appropriate section (guilty or not guilty) and include your current address and signature before mailing.

​• Courts will follow State and local COVID-19 guidelines.
​ • Our courtroom seating has been reduced to ensure social distancing.
​ • Face masks must always be worn while at our facility.
​ • Hand sanitizer is readily available.
​ • If you are ill or have any known symptoms associated with COVID-19 or have been in contact with someone who has COVID-19, DO NOT come into the court facility. Contact your attorney immediately and advise them so they can request an adjournment. If you don’t have an attorney, contact the court.

Criminal Matters

The Town Court is authorized to handle matters involving the prosecution of misdemeanors and violations that are committed within the town.  The Town Court also conducts arraignments and preliminary hearings in felony matters.  In addition the court hears Vehicle and Traffic Law misdemeanors and traffic infractions.

Civil Matters

Civil jurisdiction of the Town Court is limited to $3000.00 for small claims proceedings.  The Court also handles landlord/tenant matters that may result in an eviction as well as a money judgment for back rent.  Often, individual litigants do not use an attorney in these matters and are not required to do so.  Civil filings must be within our jurisdiction, please contact the court to verify before filing.

Town Justices

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