Trash Collection Schedule

Get your trash collection schedule for 2015. Please note that the Holiday Collection schedule is subject to change each year. Please call 518-475-0385 if you need further information.
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Street Trash Pickup Day
Appleblossom Lane Monday
Baltis Tuesday
Beaver Dam Road Wednesday
Bennett Hill Road Wednesday
Brookview Terrace  Monday
Brownrigg Road Thursday
Bullock Road Friday
Cass Hill Road Wednesday
Castle Road Wednesday
Cedar Grove Road Thursday
Clipp Road Friday
Collabeck Road Thursday
Copeland Hill Road
Country Club Lane
Countryman Road Wednesday
County Route 102 Thursday
County Route 201 Monday
County Route 208 Monday
County Route 301 Wednesday
County Route 312 Wednesday
Crowridge Road Tuesday
Deer Cliff Road Monday
Derbyshire Road Wednesday
Diamond Hill Road Friday
Douglas Lane Monday
Dryden Lane Thursday
Dunbar Hollow Road Wednesday
East Road
Edinburg Court
Elizabeth Drive 
Fairfax Blvd.
Fairway Court Monday 
Flansburg Lane Wednesday
Flat Rock Road Wednesday
Font Grove Road Monday
Forest Drive Monday
Forest Haven Monday
Fullers Road Tuesday
Game Farm Road Friday
Genovesi Lane Monday
Glen Hollow Monday
Glenwood Terrace Tuesday
Graceland Avenue Tuesday
 Greatview Terrace  Tuesday
  Greylock Lane    Tuesday
Groesbeck Road Friday
Hart Terrace
Hazelwood Blvd.
Helderhill Road Monday
Heldervue Monday
Hemlock Ridge Road Monday
Hennessey Road Tuesday
High Meadow Lane Monday
Hill Drive Tuesday
Hilton Road Monday
Hurst Road Friday
Indian Ladder Estates Tuesday
Indian Ledge Road Wednesday
Jones Avenue
Kensington Drive North
Kissels Trailer Court Monday
Koonz Road Tuesday
Krumkill Road Monday
La Grange Lane Thursday
Lawson Lake Road Wednesday
Leonard Lane Thursday
Lower Flat Rock Road Friday
Lower Font Grove Road Monday
Lower Letter S Wednesday
Martin Road Tuesday
Martin Road Extension Tuesday
Mason Lane Monday
Mathais Place Thursday
McGarr Lane Monday
Meadowbrook Place Tuesday
Meadowdale Drive Tuesday
Mill Road Tuesday
Mill Road (off Rock City) Friday
Miller Road Friday
Morningstar Lane Friday
Mountain View Estates Monday
Mountain Vista Lane Friday
New Salem South Road Tuesday
New Scotland Avenue Thursday
New Scotland South Road Friday
Normanskill Road Monday
North Road Tuesday
Old English Monday
Old New Salem Road Wednesday
Olive Street Tuesday
Onesquethaw Creek Road Thursday
Orchard Hill Road Friday
Orchard Street Thursday
Overlook Drive Tuesday
Panburn Road Friday
Parkway Lane Monday
Patton Road Friday
Pauly Lane Monday
Pebble Court Monday 
Picard Road Tuesday
Pinnacle Road Wednesday
Plank Road Wednesday
Post Office Road Tuesday
Rail Road Avenue Thursday
Rarick Road
Rider Lane
Robin Drive Monday
Rock City Road Friday
Rock Hill Road (from Osterhout to Flat Rock) Wednesday
Route 32 Thursday
Route 443 (from Flat Rock Road to Bethlehem town line) Friday
Route 443 (from Flat Rock Road to Berne town Line) Tuesday
Route 85 (85A to 85A)  Monday
Route 85 (from Bethlehem line to Kissels Trailer Court) Monday
Route 85 (from New Salem to 85/443 intersection) Wednesday
Route 85A (from Stonewell to Village Line) Monday
Route 85A to Village Line Tuesday
Route 155 Monday
Route 156 Tuesday
Rowe Hill Road Wednesday
Rowe Road Thursday
Scutt Road Wednesday
Slingerlands Avenue Tuesday
Smith Lane Monday
Spore Road Friday
Springfield Drive
Stone Creek Court
Stove Pipe Road Tuesday
Swift Road Tuesday
Talon Drive Monday
Tarrytown Road Friday
Tekakwitha Road Wednesday
Thacher Park Road Wednesday
Tollgate Road Tuesday
Towne Lane Tuesday
Tygert Road Tuesday
Unionville Feura Bush South Road Thursday
Upper Derbyshire Road Wednesday
Upper Flat Rock Rd Tuesday
Upper Font Grove Road Monday
Upper Letter S Wednesday
Verda Avenue Tuesday
Waldenmaier Road Thursday
West Street (Feura Bush) Thursday
West Street (Village) Wednesday
Western Avenue Thursday
Westover Monday
Westview Road Monday
Willow Street Thursday
Winding Land Tuesday
Winnie Lane Thursday
Wolf Hill Road Wednesday
Woods Hill Road Tuesday
Woodwind Drive Tuesday
Wormer Road Monday
Yellow Rock Lane Tuesday
Youmans Road Tuesday
Zwack Lane Wednesday