new Scotland Community Food Pantry

The Pantry
The New Scotland Community Food Pantry is a community-based service. Our purpose is to:
  • Assist in the basic needs of the poor and elderly.
  • Serve as an advocate for the poor.
  • Solicit necessary funds for assistance, as needs arise.
Our principal function is to provide food and basic personal care items to those in need within the Town of New Scotland, including the geographic area comprising the Voorheesville School District.

The pantry is located at Saint Matthew's Church on Mountainview Road in Voorheesville. Two rooms hold our in-stock items. Our pantry includes:
  • Boxed and canned foods
  • Paper products
  • Personal care items
  • Refrigerators/freezers for perishable items
Clients & Caregivers
Our clients are diverse and so are their needs. We may assist the single parent, the elderly, disabled or a family who is struggling financially. Whether their need is short or long-term, our goal is to provide basic nutrition and guide them towards being self-sufficient.

Each client is assigned a volunteer caregiver, who is the confidential liaison between the client and the pantry. The caregiver is responsible for preparing the food package based on the clients' household needs and arranging for a convenient pickup time.

Stock Sources & Fund Raising
Approximately 50% of the food pantry stock is bought from the Regional Food Bank. The remainder is received from community food drives and private donations. Monetary donations are also received and always welcomed.

More Information
For additional information, please feel free to contact:
New Scotland Community Food Pantry
P.O. Box 335
Voorheesville, New York 12186

You can reach the pantry by calling 518-765-3806.